Forget bitcoin: NFTs are up 11.369%; see 6 promising gamecoins

Analyst André Franco selected 6 gamecoins with exponential appreciation potential; see how to invest

Tokens linked to games are embedded in a Blockchain platform and are traded like any other cryptocurrency (ismagilov/Getty Images)
The games have become one of the hottest segments of the modern economy. They are no longer just teenage games and have set foot in the investment world. Games already have their own cryptocurrencies and many of them are yielding good returns for their investors. This became even more evident when the AXS , the cryptocurrency of the game Axie Infinity , was released.

It officially hit the market in November 2020 and was created to serve as the game’s currency. But, with the success of Axie Infinity and the exponential growth of cryptoactives in the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) class, AXS was also traded worldwide and gained 11.369% in the first nine months of this year:

The graph shows an increase of 11.369% with AXS, the governance token of the Axie Infinity virtual game (from 01/01/2021 to 09/21/2021)
The graph shows an increase of 11.369% with AXS, the governance token of the Axie Infinity virtual game (from 01/01/2021 to 09/21/2021) (Coin Market Cap/Disclosure)
This was possible because the game is categorized as ” play-to-earn ” (English, play to win ). It is a model that attracts thousands of players from different countries due to the possibility of being paid. In addition to all the plot of a common game, this one still allows people to earn money .

Forget bitcoin: NFTs are up 11.369%; see 6 promising gamecoins

And we’re not talking about small amounts, but the chance to earn thousands of reais without even leaving home. You will find in the press reports of players who have already profited up to R$ 12,500 in a month with Axie Infinity, even with little experience in the game.

The good news is that you can win similar amounts (and even bigger than this one) without having to jump on the online gaming bandwagon . That’s because game-linked tokens, such as AXS, are embedded in a Blockchain platform , which allows them to be traded like any other cryptocurrency.

This way, the more the game grows and expands its community, making the token be more used, whoever invests in the cryptocurrency linked to the game may have a chance to profit from the valuation. That’s exactly what happened to AXS when Axie Infinity surpassed $128.6 million in revenue and over 25,000 daily players .

But know that investing only in AXS is no longer a good idea. Also, past returns are no guarantee of future returns. The cryptocurrency has become gigantic, it has become expensive and it is unlikely that you will be able to profit thousands of reais investing little money in it, as was done months ago.

Instead, you can invest in a set of cryptocurrencies linked to the gaming universe . Some of them are cheaper than AXS , still not on the radar of most investors and benefiting from the expansion of the virtual games market.

Cryptocurrency specialist André Franco , from Empiricus, elected by CoinTelegraph as one of the most influential cryptanalysts in Brazil, is closely following this trend. In the past, he has hinted at buying AXS for a mere $0.63 and those who followed the expert’s lead celebrate to this day. At the time, R$1,000 invested turned into R$105,000 .

Forget bitcoin: NFTs are up 11.369%; see 6 promising gamecoins

Now, he has found another six gamecoins with explosive high potential for the next few months. One of them is AXS, presented above:

“These gamecoins are totally in line with the growth of the games sector, the advent and consolidation of play-to-earn and the formation of new communities based on games. I’m convinced about them”

André Franco
And this couldn’t be a better time to have access to them. After all, as stated above, they have not yet been discovered by most investors in cryptocurrencies and, for now, they are extremely cheap .

The secret to making real money with cryptocurrencies is to buy these assets when they are still cheap, before they become “mainstream”.

6 gamecoins are the new bets in the crypto world

The bitcoin was fired in the most profitable investment of the past three years. In reais, the main cryptocurrency in the world yielded almost 800%, going from the level of R$ 27,000 to almost R$ 240,000. Those who invested in cryptocurrency during this period undoubtedly generated a fortune.

But the truth is that, as with the AXS, the world’s leading cryptocurrency is no longer so interesting for making money. Currently, there are cryptos that offer greater value potential than bitcoin . This potential is much greater than that delivered by him in the last three years.

Among the new opportunities to make money with cryptocurrencies are the gamecoins selected by Franco to seek profits from the NFT universe. Their names are still confidential: they will be grouped together in an exclusive portfolio and disclosed to their followers in the coming days. The cryptanalyst’s view, the valuations they have had so far are nothing, compared to the potential he sees for the coming months:

In addition to AXS, some gamecoins still “hidden” also had significant valuations in a few months. One of them had an upside of 1,852.6%, which turned an investment of R$1,000 into R$19,526 in a period of nine months.

That’s what’s on Franco’s mind right now. It is an unprecedented opportunity to unite assets of the most profitable class in the cryptomarket, the NFT. Unprecedented because, in Brazil, the investor has never had access to something like this . To get a chance to profit from these cryptos above, you would need to buy each of them individually and build your own wallet.

Forget bitcoin: NFTs are up 11.369%; see 6 promising gamecoins

This is a bureaucratic process, which takes time both to complete the purchase and to monitor the performance of each cryptocurrency. But now everything will be made easier because Vitreo, a manager with R$ 12 billion of assets under custody, has developed a way to invest in all of them simultaneously , in reais and with a few clicks .

The revelation of how to invest with one click in the six gamecoins that André Franco sees the greatest explosive potential for appreciation will be made on October 4th and 6th in an event 100% online and 100% free .

This way, the investor will be able to have access to the cryptocurrencies linked to the market with the highest profits , which were selected by the cryptanalyst, starting with a simple way to invest, without the need for keys, codes and all the bureaucracy that cryptocurrency brokers require.

If you want, you can now guarantee a place at the event by accessing the link below and registering for free . Now, if you want to better understand why Franco is so confident about these gamecoins and the asset class they are embedded in, read on.

NFTs, the new crypto world fever that created millionaires

The acronym NFT stands for “ non-fungible-token ” which, translated into Portuguese, is the same as non-fungible token . It is a unique sequence that cannot be altered and that has been used to give authenticity to physical and/or digital objects. For this, it uses the same technology that made the existence of bitcoin and the universe of cryptocurrencies possible.

And it may be that NFTs are still a new market for you, but the truth is that non-fungible tokens have been with us since 2012 and have only been growing every year. The proof of this is that the most expressive valuations that have ever occurred with cryptocurrencies were precisely in this class. See the table below for NFTs linked to virtual games :

The table shows the valuations of the 6 gamecoins selected by André Franco to ‘surf’ the wave of NFTs
The table shows the valuations of the 6 gamecoins selected by André Franco to ‘surf’ the wave of the NFTs (Empiricus/Disclosure)
This segment is currently attracting the attention of investors and it is estimated that, in 2023, the world video game industry could be worth what today corresponds to more than 10% of the Brazilian GDP, according to Franco. The reason for this is that, unlike other cryptocurrencies, games are something solid with predictability of revenue, profit and Ebitda, like stock exchange companies.

Forget bitcoin: NFTs are up 11.369%; see 6 promising gamecoins

We are not talking about pure speculation assets, which do not have fundamentals that justify the valuation. The class of NFTs linked to games works as follows:

If the game is going well, your revenue and number of players grows, the token used increases.
If the game goes bad, the token starts to drop.
These cryptocurrencies follow the same logic as company shares, but with a difference: they carry the highest percentages of appreciation .
If you’re not convinced about the potential of this asset class, know that it’s already being responsible for creating the next generation of millionaires. Yes, I’m talking about people who, regardless of age, have already had the chance to capture millionaire profits with game-related NFTs:

Manchete says that a 12-year-old boy earns R$ 2 million by creating a collection with more than 3,000 images of whales through NFTs
Manchete says that a 12-year-old boy earns R$ 2 million by creating a collection with more than 3,000 images of whales through NFTs (G1/Reproduction)
The fact is, there are people from all over the world investing in today’s market with the greatest profit potential. And you will have the opportunity to enter it and have the chance to take your “slice” of this cake. And it will start with the assets selected by Franco, which can give you much more advantage in changing the level of your financial life.

Just remember what happened to those who invested in AXS under the cryptanalyst’s recommendation earlier this year and what is happening now with the list of high potential gamecoins he selected to invest . These are assets that have already had valuations above 800% and that turned R$1,000 into R$100,000, as happened with AXS in the past:

“If you lost explosive valuations like this, which turned R$1,000 into R$100,000, either due to lack of information or because of the difficulty in investing in foreign exchanges, know that now you will have a new chance”

Forget bitcoin: NFTs are up 11.369%; see 6 promising gamecoins

Games industry gains relevance as a business and investment

If you think that AXS , from the virtual game Axie Infinity , was once a phenomenon in the universe of virtual games, you are not properly informed. The gaming industry shows that this new market segment is not just a “fad” and that it is in fact improving to take its rightful place in the investment world.

Proof of this is the recently released Star Atlas . He is in development phase, but his token sale via FTX exchange sold out in 1 second. In the secondary market, its price was equivalent to 50 times that of the initial offer. The game makes use of Solana’s blockchain, which also had a considerable boost due to the release.

It follows the same logic as Axie Infinity, however, with an improved version and stands as a next generation metaverse (where games are developed). In 2 trading days, the game’s cryptocurrency (ATLAS) reached 11,000% appreciation .

However, Star Atlas is not in the list of 6 gamecoins with explosive potential for the coming months, selected by André Franco. For the cryptanalyst, these valuations are nothing close to what is about to happen with the cryptocurrencies on his list.

But it is noteworthy that this does not mean that the cryptos that Franco selected will repeat the same gains. As you may already know, past earnings are no guarantee of future returns. The figures cited are only meant to reference the potential that NFT assets linked to games can value.

In any case, the crypto-asset specialist believes that it is advantageous for any investor, regardless of age, to have NFT assets in the portfolio. With a low investment , you have the chance to get exponential returns on this asset class that is under the eyes of the entire financial market. Remember: it ‘s always the drip money, never the milk .

And investing in this market becomes even more advantageous if we consider that Vitreo will reveal how to invest in the 6 gamecoins with high potential in a free online event. This is the opportunity to enter a market with very high profits, with the help of a specialist and, as mentioned earlier, investing in a simple and unbureaucratic way.

If you were interested in having access to the six gamecoins with the greatest potential for growth in the NFT universe, know that you can learn how to invest in them with one click in this 100% online and free event . It does not matter if you have never invested in cryptocurrencies in your life or if you have never opened an account on an exchange . After making your free registration, you will have access to:

A way to invest in the 6 gamecoins with the greatest potential for appreciation in the NFTs market linked to games, selected by André Franco;
A way to invest in all of them simultaneously, in reais and without opening an account on exchanges.
The free event will take place on the 4th and 6th of October . To participate, simply access this link and register for free . And why is that? Because Vitreo recognizes that the NFT universe is still something new and, therefore, surrounded by taboos by most investors. For this reason, she decided to open this event to all audiences, so that you can discover the unprecedented opportunity to invest in cryptoactives that can change your financial level.

Forget bitcoin: NFTs are up 11.369%; see 6 promising gamecoins

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